Welcome Portland Food Lovers!

Here at Portland Taste Tours we aim to enrich your dining experience.  Portland, Maine restaurants are recognized around the globe for their culinary quality and creativity, attracting chefs from all corners of the country.  This is your chance to reach out and engage with the people who are putting Portland restaurants on the culinary map.


What is a Portland Taste Tour?

On every Portland Taste Tour, you’ll get the opportunity to sample some of the best food in Portland, while meeting the artists who created it.  We’ll bring you to several of the best spots around town then you’ll taste their offerings and hear from the people who prepared them.


Who are Portland Taste Tours for?

Portland Taste Tours are for people who love food and are curious to engage with the people that prepare it.  We’re all about breaking down the boundaries that exist between diners and chefs.

Maybe you are a food lover who’s already well versed in Maine cuisine.  This is your chance to get to know the artists behind the dishes that you already love while sampling their newest creations.

Our tours are also perfect for people just beginning to familiarize themselves with Portland’s food offerings.  With new restaurants popping up left and right, it can sometimes feel overwhelming to choose just one.  With Portland Taste Tours, you don’t have to!  Just bring an empty stomach and an open mind, and leave the rest to us.


Dietary Restrictions and Preferences

We understand that having a dietary restriction can make dining out difficult. Let us alleviate the hassle of dining out by joining us for a tour geared specifically to your needs.  Check out our schedule to find the tours that will allow you to visit Portland’s best restaurants.  Don’t see a tour matching your dietary preferences?  Email us at info@portlandtastetours.com and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.